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A safe, secure, and high-functioning website is within your reach with Good Word Digital’s WordPress hosting services.

There is a growing list of Black-owned businesses in Maryland, particularly in Crofton. One of these is Good Word Digital. We focus on building a community that helps each member thrive. And, as a community-oriented business, we are glad to offer our WordPress web hosting service for small businesses that need it.

What is WordPress Web Hosting?

One of the most important yet commonly overlooked aspects of running a successful website is web hosting. A WordPress website can work on its own, especially if you don’t need plenty of plugins. But a professional website for business purposes might need more functionality and security than your average blog. In this case, having a quality WordPress host can ensure that your website performs well and stays secure.

With WordPress web hosting, you have a team of support staff that can solve issues within your site on the technical side.

At Good Word Digital, our WordPress web hosting team are experts within the field. We can offer managed WordPress hosting services through them, taking the stress of managing your website out of your hands. We ensure that your website loads fast, is secure, and works on an up-to-date server.


Why Choose Good Word Digital

Good Word Digital’s services is rooted in building a sense of community. With our managed web hosting services, we can provide small businesses with the back-end technical support they need, so their websites run better, leading to better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The web hosting industry is a highly competitive one, but our secret is providing quality services and software at affordable prices. With our web hosting team’s level of expertise, you’ll find managed web hosting a cost-effective solution to running a website. Talk to us to discuss prices.

Generally, two types of web hosting exist. The first is shared hosting, and the second is managed web hosting. The former means you have to share a server and its capabilities with every website. Managed web hosting, which we offer, gives you the ease and convenience of owning a website without running it yourself.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data being accessed while someone is viewing a website. If your website is full of images and videos, you’re likely to need higher bandwidth. Otherwise, your website will work slow and might develop problems.

Web hosting isn’t the norm when it comes to creating a website. Plenty of sites with basic functionality, such as personal blogs run by one person, can function without a host. However, if you’re using the website for business and are expecting a pandemonium, it won’t happen.  

Moving your WordPress website from one host to another is entirely possible. If your old web host isn’t working for you anymore, talk to our web hosting experts, and we can sort it out for you.

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