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Establish your business identity and increase brand recognition with a striking logo from Good Word Digital’s creative brand designers.

As a Black-owned web design and development agency, Good Word Digital is proud to offer our brand logo design services. With our team of creative designers in Crofton, Maryland, we can create an eye-catching, visually-appealing logo that will stand out, reflect the quality of your services, and establish your brand identity.

The Role of Brand Logo for Businesses

Create a striking and memorable logo, and you can slash your marketing and advertising budget by half. Logos represent your brand. They’re the image that customers associate with you. And when people immediately recognize your brand from simply seeing your logo, then it has done its job.

Just think of the most recognizable logos all over the world: a bitten apple, a checkmark, a mermaid, and two golden arches. These brands don’t need to state who they are because their logos have reached the iconic levels only a few other brands have managed to do. And while your local business might not get the same worldwide appeal as these brands, to your potential customers, a recognizable logo is just as important.

Apart from that, a brand logo serves the following purposes:

Make a Strong First Impression

You have one chance and only a few seconds to make a first impression on a potential customer, so you have to get it right. You can do this with a well-designed logo that grabs their attention and represents your brand well.

Stand Out from the Competition

There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of brands offering the same services as you. One way to stand out is to create a logo that’s unique to your brand. Otherwise, your business may just as well be another in a long list of establishments with a generic-looking logo.

Foster Customer Loyalty

When you couple excellent service with a logo that stands out, customers will remember and forever associate your logo with a positive experience. This will keep them coming back because they trust that you’ve got their back.

With our logo design services, your business can reap all these benefits and more. Get in touch today so we can start planning your logo’s design.

Affordable Brand Design Services in Crofton, MD

Good Word Digital offers the following brand design services in affordable packages:

Brand and Logo Creation

Brainstorm with our talented and highly creative branding team and see how the designs they come up with fit what you want to say with your brand.

Website Graphic Design

Turn your plain website into an attention-grabbing one with expertly created designs from our creative team of web graphic designers.

Why Work With Good World Digital?

For over seven years, the Good World Digital team has been designing brand materials, from logos to website graphic design. After years of working with all kinds of clients from different industries, we have the experience and industry insight into what works for brand design. Don’t entrust your business logo to amateurs or spend a fortune on large agencies. Our years of success speak for the quality of our work, so leave the designing to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our logo design process is simple. First, you will have a meeting with a graphic designer and brainstorm ideas for your logo. Once our talented member has gotten a feel for what you want, we’ll work on the initial concepts you’ll receive within three business days. How many design concepts you’ll get depends on the package you chose. You’ll then review them and send them back to us, letting us know which one you chose and if you’d like any tweaks made. We’ll keep in touch, and, once the logo is finalized, we’ll send it for your use.

All of our logo design rates are affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. The prices vary per package, so make sure to check out which one fits you best.

You will be able to talk to our logo designer and give suggestions on which areas to improve or if you want them completely revised. Our logo designers will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect logo for your brand. We’re also a phone call away if you have any questions about the design.

From brainstorming to the final approval, the whole design process can be done in five to seven days.

The right to use the logo in any way, shape, or form will be entirely yours once we’ve finished the project.

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